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Creation of well sophisticated software requires superior IT knowledge. But most of all it requires perfect knowledge of technology. Reality capture and data processing are our daily operations. Know How is our core strength.  We offer point cloud conversion to 2D documentation and 3D models services. Our aim is to help enter the market for less experienced users and to assist professionals with their work overloads. We guarantee quality services and impressive deliverables.




How it Works?

– Share your project task with us

– Get time frame and price list

– Upload pointcloud data to our FTP server

– View processing process via Autodesk 360 serviceweb import export workflow

– Download 2D/3D documentation






Who we are?

CAD/GIS specialist – over 14 years

Software engineer – over 14 years

Point cloud processing experience – over 7 years

Architect – over 8 years

Visualisation – over 10 years




This includes any building documentation from architecture and facade measurements, plans and sections to detail specifications or structural deformation inspection. Level of detail depends on every specific task and tolerance.

Klaipeda Drama Theatre elevation JPG

Church architectural drawings PDF

Architectural – Structural drawings PDF

Underground basement plan PDF



3D solid model can be represented as final deliverable of your task. It can be a building, infrastructure object or any other structure. If preferable It can be presented together with an impressive visualisation.

Kaunas Cathedral rafters 3D model PDF

Arbors 3D model PDF

Virtual 3D building model 360*

(*it is necessary to review to use Google Chrome web browser)





In addition we offer digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of a facility. In such case your final deliverables will be building information models and resulting documentation.

Gintaras Museum PDF

3D BIM building virtual model 360 *

BIM model conversion to 2D documentation (video)

(*it is necessary to review to use Google Chrome web browser)



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